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A Kodak Moment? I think not.
They call me Syd, and I finally changed that picture.

21 | Multi-racial | Southern | Artist | poet | future pastry chef | jellyfish enthusiat | KH/BAYONETTA/
videogame lover | WWE FAN | horror-fan | overall weird person | speaks French, learning Japanese and Italian | tomboy/"tsundere moe"
*Perpetually dealing with depression. I've also had OCD since I was in grade school, so there's that.*

(bdsm/shibari supporter)


The next big event of Spider-Man - Spider-Verse, is set to begin in November 2014, but we have a miniseries before the event itself called Edge of Spider-verse (The edge of the Spider-Verse) in September and October, with five editions. Each edition will have a different creative team and will focus on a Spider-Man from each existing Alternate Universe - including, in issue # 2 is a Spider-Woman will be Gwen Stacy, not Peter Parker.

written by JASON LATOUR
Art and cover by Robbi Rodriguez

Gwen Stacy: Spider-Woman!

In a universe where Peter Parker was not bitten by a spider was radioativanão Pet, but Gwen Stacy!

She is smart, charming and can lift a car - just do not tell that to your father, the chief of police!

How she is involved in Spider-verse? Seeds will be planted on it in Amazing Spider-Man # 9!

i need to make this outfit.


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Princess Kida | We are like a stone the ocean beats against. With each year a little more of us is worn away.


people that keep saying they look fat just so others tell them they don’t


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Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and they will come forth later in uglier ways.

— Sigmund Freud (via kushandwizdom)

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its proven that my eyes look soulless in artificial light.
oh who am i kidding, they look the same way in natural light.

remember when I used to look cute

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winsassters said: That was me about an hour ago!

why cant everything be a minute away in walking distance ARGH

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