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A Kodak Moment? I think not.
They call me Syd, and I finally changed that picture.

21 | Multi-racial | Southern | Artist | poet | future pastry chef | jellyfish enthusiat | KH/BAYONETTA/
videogame lover | WWE FAN | horror-fan | overall weird person | speaks French, learning Japanese and Italian | tomboy/"tsundere moe"
*Perpetually dealing with depression. I've also had OCD since I was in grade school, so there's that.*

(bdsm/shibari supporter)

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Spawn [x]
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more astrology here (:
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I finally managed to find a ridiculously oversized cardigan by complete accident @goodwill today. And also skinny jeans..that FIT. #shocker #thrifting #fallisbestseason #doingyogaagainwasagoodthing


i’m actually really unbelievably sad and angry and have no idea how to express it!!!!!! excellent


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Nintendo’s New 3DS faceplate site with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

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Laguna nuzzling a Moomba. As a kid Laguna was my favorite (still is) and I loved Moombas. LOVED. Such cute, much kitty. 

I added the line art because I really hate the way it came out colored. Much shame.


Pose was referenced from dmmd screenshot ‘cause I can’t human.

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